Am I the only person who enjoys the end of summer?! I LOVE feeling warm but I’m a sensitive soul and actually don’t enjoy exposing my skin. So, I welcome autumn with open “jumpered” arms!

This is my second capsule wardrobe based on the rules of Project 333. Essentially, a 33 item closet for 3 months . This includes shoes and accessories but excludes lounge-wear, pyjamas, underwear and sportswear.

The first one, between July and September, was a bit cobbled together if I’m being honest! Basically, whatever summer clothes I had went into it! Most worn items – my grey cross-body handbag, skinny jeans and my silver trainers. Least worn – black ankle boots didn’t see the light of day, the scarf only had one outing and the shorts were barely worn despite the warm weather. However, it has shown me the benefits of a capsule wardrobe:

  • Decision fatigue reduced – it HAS been easier to pick out something to wear. One less thing to think about and no more wardrobe anxiety!
  • It has shown me my wardrobe *should* only contains items I like and that fit. If an item doesn’t pass those two criteria… it ain’t stayin’!
    Yes, I am worth it! ha ha.
  • Clean-looking, clutter free wardrobe
  • Lowering my carbon footprint – ‘eco’ pat on the back for me.
  • Saves money! Obvs…
  • Justifies a lot of lists ๐Ÿ™‚ Tick!

Extending the life of clothes by just nine extra months of active use would reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by around 20-30% each.

Any downsides? Quite early on I realised, I have a few items that need replacing or donating (the stripey top just doesn’t fit me well!) and I didn’t really think about how to put any outfits together. The red mac is gorgeous for a dreary day but I’m not sure how much it goes with. Definitely, room for improvement!

Also, mid-July can have vastly different weather to mid-October. Autumn has arrived early in the UK, so my first capsule has been cut short so I don’t freeze!! The three sundresses, two pairs of shorts, and one pair of sandals just aren’t going to cut it in sub-10 degree drizzle!

The rest of my clothes have been stored (mostly) out of sight. I haven’t bought any new clothes since November 2018 and I was really excited to be “shopping my wardrobe”.

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Coats and Jackets – 5

Warm puffer coat (duvet!), smart maroon wool coat, black faux leather jacket, vintage green blazer (my mum’s!), smart black fabric jacket

Jumpers – 4

Black sparkly number, casual maroon striped jumper, yellow knit and pink chunky knit

Tops – 7

White & green vests, striped roll-neck, smart black & pink tops, denim shirt, star-print shirt

Trousers and skirts – 7

Black skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, “mom” jeans, wide-leg smart trousers, faux leather skirt, burgundy velvet mini, long sparkly skirt

Dresses – 2

Lace dress and faux leather shift dress

Shoes and accessories – 8

Black trainers, silver trainers, black flat ankle boots and black heeled boots, faithful grey cross-over, burgundy backpack, grey leopard-print scarf and a long necklace.

Feel there is definitely a burgundy, sparkly, leather vibe here!! How exciting! I look forward to being able to get a bit more dressed up this quarter!

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