On November 1 2018, I started my own new “no clothes for a year challenge”.   The rules of my challenge are I can sew my own clothes (the ultimate in “slow fashion” – ha ha!) and I can buy second hand but I plan not to.  However, the idea is ‘survive’ with what I have already  #firstworldproblems.  Exclusions to the challenge– underwear (phew!) and gifts (gratefully received!). 

I confess, it turns out I unintentionally prepped for this challenge. About 18 months ago, I opened my very-full wardrobe to be greeted with the unloved, the wrong-sized and the uninspiring.  So, I decided to do something about it (more of that in a future post) to get together items that suit me and I love.   

Having said that, this challenge will be no easy task for me.  Once you know what you makes you feel good, it becomes a little addictive.  I love shopping, I love fashion magazines, I have an unhealthy number of fashion retailer newsletter subscriptions sending me trend updates which I pour over, planning the next pay-day treats.  

However, having discovered the fashion industry is the second biggest polluting industry* after fossil fuels… (I know! Shocking, right?!) … I knew I had to change my attitude.  So, I’m on a mission!  Can I make myself feel stylish for the year with minimal (handmade!) additions? Wish me luck! 

*reference sustainyourstyle.org

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