In October 2018, I purchased my last item of new clothing – a green leopard print shirt that is pure synthetic. I like it, it’s colourful and it was cheap…. but I don’t LOVE it. And that’s the key, isn’t it? It’s fast fashion but it will out-live me. Not long after this purchase, I decided it was time to break my fast-fashion habit so on 1 November, I challenged myself not to buy anything new for a year. (see exceptions here!)

Clothes update: I have been bought a couple of tops in this period (one for Christmas and one for birthday) which are classics and will last me a long time. I have purchased two second-hand items from a charity shop for refashioning…. either of which have been successful and made it into the wardrobe. That’s it.

Here’s what I have learnt in the last 6 months:

It has been easier than I thought. Having always loved go shopping and trying on new styles, I thought I would find it harder to give this up. Especially, when the winter moves into spring/summer and you want to feel renewed yourself. In this process, I have found that, when I haven’t been shopping, I genuinely don’t miss it – which is a lovely revelation!

The problem comes when I am asked to go shopping with other people…. then averting the eyes to cool, new styles is difficult. The green-eyed monster starts to take over…. That skirt is only £20, you could wear it straight-away, it’s sooooo pretty”. Deep breaths, think of the landfill, poorly paid labour, environmental impacts etc etc, remove myself from the shop!! Well done, Lucy.

I have had try to change my mindset and think (optimistically) “I wonder if I can make that myself?/refashion something?”….

The Shopping “Glory Days” were behind me anyway. when it was a whole day out with friends, lunch, cheeky glass of wine…. now it’s more likely to be quick, desperate trip dragging along one bored, ‘hangry’ child and another one who wants to play ‘peek-a-boo’ with the curtain whilst I’m mid-trying on, saying “Mummy, I can see your *insert body-part here*”!! Hmmm… I think I’m OK with this ‘sacrifice’. 

On Trend is not for me. I can’t be bothered. I just want to feel comfortable. I am not going to wear cycling shorts.

I am saving a small fortune. Not a great surprise but notheless, good to know. I never totted up how much I used to spend on clothing but it must have been in the region of £50-£100 every month… hmmm, at least.

I’m not as good at sewing as I thought. This one is a disappointing revelation! Turns out I can’t refashion that charity shop dress from a larger size to fit me. Its harder than it looks! Kudos to the people who make our clothes! I shall keep trying though – as I tell my eldest “new skills take time”… annoyingly.

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Perhaps, I can manage one successful refashion before the year is through?! Best get practicing… now, where’s my sewing machine?…

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