It’s that time again! Time to ‘shop my wardrobe’ for next season’s outfits. All the clothes that didn’t make it into the Autumn capsule, previously stored, out of sight, in my drawers, are now coming out for the selection process. Once chosen, everything I can wear is on show, either hung up or on the shelf underneath the hanging items. This is an important aspect of a capsule wardrobe… seeing what you have, in plain sight, makes your wardrobe easy on the eye, easy to choose from and it means you’re not tempted to pick from your other clothes! I’ve written my top tips and the joys of the capsule wardrobe, previously, so it’s no surprise I enjoyed creating this one too!

Without further a-do, let me introduce you to ‘winter 2020’ (Jan-Mar 2020):

  • 2 x coats – ‘The Duvet’ and the check overcoat (both purchased secondhand from Ebay)
  • 2 x jackets – Faux leather jacket (bought new, 2(ish) years ago) and a velvet blazer (Vintage – handed down from my mum)
  • 6 jumpers… I get cold… 4 of these bought new around 2 years ago, the pink cashmere and fluffy silver jumpers were recent additions from a charity shop and clothing swap respectively)
  • 3 x basic vests (hella’ old but make great layers)
  • 4 x other tops – long-sleeved, roll-neck, boat-neck (me-made from bamboo jersey) and t-shirt
  • 3 x jeans – 1 black skinny, 1 blue skinny and 1 black boot-cut (bought new, all 2+ years old)
  • 2 x trousers – black wide-leg and burgundy ‘joggers’ (bought new, all 2+ years old)
  • 2 x skirts – burgundy mini and black faux leather mini (as above… there’s a theme here!)
  • 3 x bags – cross-over, black tote and burgundy backpack
  • 3 x shoes – silver trainers, black trainers and black ankle boots
  • 1 x denim shirt – (hella’ old)
  • 2 x scarves (not pictured)

Each time I curate my wardrobe, I have sense of a weight being lifted. I no longer feel the need to add more ‘stuff’ to it. It is a sustainable way to store and use my clothes. The fashion industry tries to convince us we need the latest trends and that can lead us to feel inadequate, like ‘stuff’ will better us. Sometimes, more is, actually, less.

Of course, a well-organised closet is not going to change the world, but it’s a good place to start.

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