We have bought a new house! It seemed like a mad idea in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown but, actually, this has been a welcome distraction.

I knew it was going to time to move on when we finished the last of the DIY projects in the house. My husband likes, no – NEEDS – a project. It is his solace and he is never move happy than when laying a patio, digging a pond or putting up a stud-wall.

So when we found a house ripe with potential, we knew we had to go for it! I am adamant that I want us to renovate the house as sustainably as possible. Luckily, my husband is on board – he sympathises with my eco-DIY wishes for the project…. but is also keen on keeping hunting out a bargain!

The house itself is 1960’s and doesn’t look like it has been touched too much post 1980 so plenty to do. Much won’t be that sexy – making sure the insulation is sufficient and ensuring the window are double-glazed isn’t going to float many people’s boat… however, making something beautiful from something reclaimed, I hope, will provide some inspiration!

I can’t wait to get started!

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