Less about buying, more about appreciation – of your body, your style & your impact on the environment 

I love clothes and fashion. I love getting dressed up (when I have the time😉) and can spend hours planning my outfit for a specific event. 

This was not always the case. About 2 years ago, after having my children, I felt I lost my sense of style.  My body no longer looked the way it did in the clothes I had.  Putting on something I loved from before, my “Go To Options”, was depressing.  I had put off buying anything new during the child-bearing years so by the end I also had a wardrobe full of the old and tired – and I didn’t fancy a wardrobe that literally reflected how I felt!!  I was also older! I didn’t feel like wearing what I bought in my late twenties, in my early (ahem, mid) thirties. 

I wanted to get myself to a place where I feel confident in my clothes; dressing to please me.  I have got to a place where I can open my wardrobe and find items that go together quickly. Getting dressed is an everyday task so hopefully these tips can help you to look forward to opening the wardrobe door instead of dreading it.  

My 6 top tips to loving your wardrobe:

1. Find out what suits you. Sounds obvious but you are much more likely to love your clothing and feel confident if your clothes suit you. Do you know what shape your body is?  Do you know what colours suit your skin tone? If you If you are lucky enough to know this naturally, I take my hat off to you – this can be very difficult especially if your self-esteem is low.  It is important what body shape you are and also your colouring. I had no idea where to start so, recommended through a friend, I used a style coach.  This may sound a bit ‘la-de-da’ and expensive but there are some brilliant stylists who offer an online analysis service (from the comfort of your own home!) – it was some of the best money I’ve ever spent!  An online analysis. Me- I am a winter pear – bottom half bigger than the top who suits bold winter colours.  It was actually quite a relief to find this out. Now I have the tools to flatter my figure and make the most of what I have.  I love a plan and now have a definitive guide of colours and shapes to flatter my figure and skin-tone. Sometimes it’s worth getting expert help!

2. Declutter. Go through everything (Yes, everything- even your underwear!) – separate into piles for keeping, items that can be refashioned to suit you or your family, good quality items that don’t suit you for the charity shop, a pile of less than perfects that can be used for other projects (e.g. grocery bags, cushion covers, bunting) and finally, the last resort, a fabric recycling bin.  Try not to put anything into landfill bins. According to ClothesAid.co.uk 350,000 tonnes (around £140 million worth) of used but still wearable clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year.

3. Don’t try to be ‘on trend’. Let’s be honest, cycling shorts is not going to be a look for everyone. Style is not about fashion; it’s about personality!   

4. Fill in the gaps. Now you’ve pared down your wardrobe it’s easier to see what is missing. How many clothes do we need?  If you are trying to be minimal start with some decent basics!  Items you can mix and match – there are some great ethical brands who do great basics. Think quality not quantity. Then some charity shop refashions, vintage purchases, bright accessories can add the flair!!

5. Feast for the eyes. Make your wardrobe easy to look at and through! Make sure you can see everything you have, you can then start to pull out items that go together.  Hang up what needs to be, fold everything else neatly & ensure your lighting is good enough- Mr. L installed some great internal wardrobe lighting a few years ago. Also, I like to put similar items together so they’re easy to find.

6. Separate and store. Keep your super summer clothes packed away until you need them. If you don’t have the space to remove them completely, just put them all to one side.  The idea being that you are only looking at the clothes you can wear that season – no point constantly flicking past the strappy summer dresses to get to your cosy knits all winter!

Hopefully, you can stop dreading opening up the wardrobe door and start looking forward to it. 

Going forward…This year I have challenged myself to no new clothes for a year! Let’s see much I still love my wardrobe then 😉 

What do you love about your wardrobe? What makes you smile when opening up the doors? What changes will you make?

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